Look out at the audience during your next presentation. Are they sitting on the edge of their seats, hanging on your next word?

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WHAT THIS SESSION IS ABOUT – How TO Connect with an audience, Build great content and present Effectively

This isn’t a “Presentations Basics” session – it’s a first-hand account of how one of North America’s best corporate speechwriters gets an audience to sit up, listen hard and take action. Learn the real-world approaches they don’t teach you in business school – the approaches that shift your writing from simple words on a page to effective, strategically considered language. Join Jason Thomson from Jigsaw to learn...

  •  The single most important part of putting together a presentation
  •  How to research and collect the building blocks that make any presentation memorable
  • How to create and use storytelling to draw your audience in and inspire them to act
  •  How to use tripwire words, navigation and visual writing cues to get through to your audience
  •  What you should put in (and leave out of) your PowerPoint
  • How to be successful on stage – including understand how you present

What leaders can do as a result of this session – present like a TED speaker

Customized to your organization, this session gives your team the insights, strategies and tools to not just be a better presenter, but to achieve objectives. And to ensure they keep the tips top of mind, Jigsaw follows up with:

  • A copy of Jigsaw's tactical guide for leaders – How to present an idea
  • Four weekly follow up infographic emails that reinforce the session

SCHEDULE "HOW TO Present an idea"