Storytelling connects with, engages and moves audiences. But how does a busy leader learn how to create, tell and support an effective story. 

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WHAT THIS SESSION IS ABOUT – How to move audienceS with storytelling

Jigsaw’s operational program goes beyond the theory of storytelling to deliver a clear, powerful process. Audiences learn the ability to identify, develop and deliver stories that are memorable and create action. Audiences that participate in this program learn…

  •  The #1 skill for storytelling.
  • Why storytelling is effective at engagement and shifting behaviors.
  • The process for determining a clear point.
  •  How to determine the point of your story.
  •  Visualizing the key elements of your story.
  •  Tools for navigation, visual storytelling and writing out loud.
  •  The importance of navigation, visual storytelling and writing out loud.
  •  Essential rehearsal techniques. 

WHAT leaders can do as a result of this session – tell stories that change audiences

Customized to your team, this session makes a better storyteller out of anyone within your organization – giving them the tools to conceive, develop and tell stories in a way that change and charge au audience. And to ensure they keep the tips top of mind, Jigsaw follows up with:


  • Jigsaw’s mini book How to tell a story
  • Four weekly follow up infographic emails that reinforce the session

SCHEDULE "HOW TO Tell a story"