It’s always amazing to see how Jason takes all these strands and parts of ideas and connects them right in front of you - turning what seems like a laundry list of ideas something cohesive, possible and right. He just has this knack for making sense of any problem.
— Eugenia LIsta, Executive Producer, E.L. Productions

You’ve got a fantastic idea, initiative or concept. You’ve spent weeks honing the details. Now, the moment of truth. Can you convince your audience that they want it, they need it and they should pay for it? 

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Pitch better, win more

Explore the better way to pitch your idea in a session created and hosted by idea- and presentation-master Jason Thomson. These are the ideas, approaches and successes they don’t teach you in business school – the elements that get your idea off the page and into production. Join Jason to learn...

+       The single most important question to ask when it comes to pitching a new idea

+       The ways to critically understand your audience and how they buy

+       How to pre-sell and socialize your idea to a potential buyer

+       How to effectively prepare for a pitch – thinking about the presentation, the leave behind and rehearsal

+       The pitch space – how to position the audience, set the tone and sell the day

+       What to do after the pitch is over to ensure it stays top of mind

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Pitch master Jason Thomson

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Win. For more than two decades and a thousand projects, pitch specialist, speechwriter and ideation lead Jason Thomson has been hired to passionately win new business through his leading approach to proposals and pitching.

The world’s smartest organizations turn to Jason’s creative leadership and original mind as a way to develop pitches that succeed. Jason helps your leaders explore, develop and sell with engaging and clear approaches to win the next pitch you have.

As a professional thinker, copywriter and speaker, Jason has fueled the trajectory of the world’s most important brands, including Intel, RBC Royal Bank, Nissan, Entertainment One and McCain Foods. His powerful perspective on what it takes to imagine, develop and sell an idea transforms audiences, leaving them forever prepared to think faster, better and brighter.