What are the steps of The Scientific Method?

How would you explain the events that led to World War I? What is a quadratic equation? How does the Rule of Thirds apply?

Yeah. I had to look them up too.

But there was a time in our lives when we did know these things. And the reason is that teachers drilled us in the application of these devices, test after test, grade after grade.

At the time we learned these things, we thought that these subjects were important, vital. But the truth is, it’s not the content of these things that was ever important. It was our ability to take these things and apply thinking to them.

In short, where we thought we were learning about specific topics, we were actually learning how to think. We spent a good decade-and-half or more thinking about thinking.

Today? Notsomuch. We have real world issues that we’re dealing with. And so, we draw on creeky, dusty strategies to think our way through present day problems.

But you’re not driving a 1974 Dodge Dart anymore. So why are you thinking like a 1974 college graduate?

You’re driving a better car these days. You should be thinking better thoughts. To do that, you have to pick up where your education left off. You may not need to write full on essays, but you should be thinking about thinking. When you develop an understanding of your skills as a thinker and what it takes to improve those skills, you’ll be ready to take on just about any challenge in front of you.

Think about thinking.