You’ve got the beginnings of a great idea.

Maybe it’s a better way to capture solar energy. Or a fantastic wearable. Or possibly the next smash hit Kickstarter campaign.

So you spend days, sometimes weeks, often months developing that idea. You rally your team. You finesse logistics, and you emerge with a legendary concept that is set to take the entire world by storm.

Here’s a weird question – how much time did you spend on developing the sale of your idea?

It’s funny, when it comes to selling an idea, too many teams spend too much time only thinking about the idea. Sure, they’ll smash together a proposal and a PowerPoint for an investors meeting, but have you considered who your buyer is and how they buy?

Because all of your best competitors have.

The best brands in the world spend about as much time considering how they’ll pitch an idea as they do developing that idea. The iPhone 9 is still a ways off and its featureset is still unconfirmed, yet someone, somewhere is dedicating time to thinking about buyers, press and any one else who could affect the sale.

You should be doing the same – no matter if you’re rolling out a multibillion dollar piece of tech, or simply trying to increase investment in your internal reward and recognition system.