Be an “every moment thinker”

Holy crumb, enough with the complaining already.*
*Note: I get that this statement is ironic in some way. I lay out my approach in the rest of the article.

This is wrong. That’s a bad idea. Meh. Meh. Meh.

There are days that I feel like we’ve become a planet rife with “nots.” ‘Fraid not. Do not. Cannot. Look at the comments of far-too-many reddit threads or (if you’re old school), the front page of any newspaper. Our zeitgeist is teeming with haters. Afer all, it’s a whole lot easier to complain than it is to contribute.

Or is it?

Do we really need to tear down instead of build up? Do we need to complain so loudly, so often? I’m of the mind that we can do better. We can all be contributors, making this a better world, or live a better life.

Step one? Commit to becoming an “every moment thinker.”

An “every moment thinker” is someone stops grumbling and starts doing, someone who doesn’t simply moan about the world, but automatically defaults to “possibility” when they hear a problem. It means understanding how you can best think, getting better at defining challenges, and using a process to get at a better solution. Taking this direction means you’re constantly solving. It becomes an automated part of who you are.

In a lifetime where so many of us wonder what our purpose is, I’ve decided that this is mine – to help the world around me be lifted by people who think, people who listen well, problem solve and contribute.

It's time to be an every moment thinker  who's in?