How to tell a story instantly made our communications team better at identifying, developing and telling stories - a huge part of what we do every day.
— Amy J. Hurley, Program Director, Faculty and Staff Recognition, Wexner Medical Center, The Ohio State University

Storytelling connects with, engages and moves audiences. But how does a busy leader learn how to create, tell and support an effective story?

From analogy to narrative, the resources below help any leader to quickly develop and deliver stories that move audiences.

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Jigsaw makes a difference to your problem solving skills

Jigsaw’s operational program goes beyond the “theory” of storytelling to deliver a clear, actionable process for leaders. Audiences learn the ability to identify, develop and deliver stories that are memorable and create action. Participate in this program learn…

+       The #1 skill for storytelling.

+       Why storytelling is effective at engagement and shifting behaviors.

+       The process for determining a clear point.

+       How to determine the point of your story.

+       Visualizing the key elements of your story.

+       Tools for navigation, visual storytelling and writing out loud.

+       The importance of navigation, visual storytelling and writing out loud.

+       Essential rehearsal techniques. 

Jigsaw tools elevate every storytelling session – part of every Jigsaw program

A sought after storyteller

082914 - Jason Thomson Headshot-3128.jpg

Connect. For more than two decades and a thousand projects, speechwriter, storyteller and ideation lead Jason Thomson has been hired to passionately win over audiences and sell ideas through presentations, writing and storytelling.

The world’s smartest organizations turn to Jason’s creative leadership and original mind as a way to create better presentations to address sales, marketing, HR and operational challenges. Jason helps your leaders explore, develop and sell with engaging and clear presentations that inspire action.

As a professional thinker, copywriter and speaker, Jason has fueled the trajectory of the world’s most important brands, including Intel, RBC Royal Bank, Nissan, Entertainment One and McCain Foods. His powerful perspective on what it takes to imagine, develop and sell an idea transforms audiences, leaving them forever prepared to think faster, better and brighter.