Jason Thomson  – Instigator

When it needs to be a bigger idea. When your team needs to unlock innovation. When you need to sell something revolutionary.

You call this man.

For 20 years, the world’s smartest organizations have turned to his creative leadership and original mind as a way to develop better solutions to sales, marketing, HR and operational challenges. Jason helps your people explore, develop and sell astounding ideas that drive change, improve engagement or enhance the customer experience.

As a professional thinker, copywriter and speaker, Jason has fueled the trajectory of the world’s most important brands, including Intel, RBC Royal Bank, Nissan, Entertainment One and McCain Foods. His powerful perspective on what it takes to imagine, develop and sell an idea transforms audiences, leaving them forever prepared to think faster, better and brighter.

Jason is a wrecking ball. He comes in, and you think you’re having this simple conversation. The next thing you know, you’re working together to make connections that look at what you do differently. An immensely helpful, energizing and engaging experience.
— John Oakley, Host, The John Oakley Show, AM 640, Toronto